Scenes from a garden

Well, I’m really pushing the envelope with the broccoli. I’m risky like that.

I mean, look how nicely that little head is coming along. How could I yank it yet? There are three other plants that have the tiniest heads just starting. I don’t have a whole lot of hope for them. But this one …

Walking around the yard this evening, I found some other delightful images.

By the pond's edge

Pickeral rush -- sometimes called Pickeral "weed"

Our garden nymph, found at an antique store in Lewes, Delaware.


  1. Please pick your broccoli! I don’t want to read the sad tale about missing it. Nice photos. Thanks.

  2. I’ve never had anything destroy broccoli, but haven’t grown it in awhile because of “broccoli worms.” They blend in and hide so well, and I suppose a little extra protein isn’t so bad, but…still. Yours looks great! Makes me want to try growing it again. Hope you get to before anything else!

  3. Farmhouse Stories, the price we pay for homegrown vegetables, I suppose!

    Thanks for stopping by — I love your blog. Beautiful photos.

  4. Mostly. I just keep forgetting.

    I was sitting out back last evening talking on the phone with my brother, and realized it was almost 9 o’clock. (I love that it stays light so late now.) I called Fritz and went to the back door only to find that Unnamed Partner had locked us out!

    Fortunately she had the phone next to her so I called her to please let us back in the house!

    These things, truthfully, are the reasons why I don’t pick my broccoli …

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