Friday Bonus Video: Saucer of Milk Edition

Perhaps you’ve already seen this cringe-worthy video of brand new Republican Senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina (!) babbling on into an open mic. I dare you to not watch it again. You know you will.

And if you need background on Fiorina, you really should know above everything else, the woman was CEO of Hewlitt Packard for 6 years, so one might think she knows a little bit about fancy technology — such as, perhaps, how microphones and teevee cameras work. But then again, she was forced to resign by the Board at HP, so …

And as a commenter at another site said, anyone who is dressed like Jan Brady really should back off on criticizing others’ appearance.

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  1. Fighting urge to say something catty about another woman. . . fighting. . . fighting. . . giving up.

    So, I’m guessing Carly buys her clothes at Barbara Bush’s yard sales?

    In all seriousness, one of the things that floors me about her campaign is her selling herself as a “successful” businessperson who knows how to run a company, assuming, of course, that success is measured by how quickly you can run it into the ground. IIRC, HP paid her many million $$$ to make her go away.

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