Going where life takes you

I caught site of some wildlife at the side of the house on Friday:

bunny rabbit

He was outside the garden gate, happily munching on clover.  I’m glad I saw him, because the rest of the weekend has been spent looking at this kind of scenery:


My 93-year old aunt has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks, and as these things often go, one thing has led to another. The hospital is about an hour and a half drive for me, but I’m the closest relative around. Which is not to say she isn’t being looked after — she and my uncle retired to Shepherdstown, West Virginia, about 30 years ago, and during that time they made strong friendships and ties with the people and the community. So she has several really wonderful friends who are vising her during the week, and she has medical and durable powers of attorney long established. So I am not dealing with any of those issues, except to stay in the loop.

But there’s something about having family around to ask questions, I think. The staff has been very good and several of her nurses and techs have seemed genuinely concerned about her, so all jokes about West Virginia aside, I think she’s in a good hospital. But still …

I had planned a visit this weekend, and it was fortunate that I did. She had a reaction to an infection that I guess — after researching it — is not uncommon, but it was alarming. basically, she was out of her head. As soon as I walked in the room she said to me “I suppose you’re in on all this, too!” When I asked “all what?” she said “all these fakes tests and fake doctors they have here.”

It kind of went downhill from there for a while with her saying I had started a big fight in the hallway that morning, and in general causing trouble. ‘Cause I’m like that, you know. !

Well, I won’t go into the entire tale, but after several tests, it was determined that she has “C diff,” which is a highly contagious bacteria that can hit you when you’re on antibiotics that basically kill off the good bacteria in our bodies. I apologize to any medical personnel for this terribly simple description.  But bottom line is, she’s on a new antibiotic, and by last evening was doing much better and was even joking about what she had been saying earlier in the day.

I got home this afternoon, pretty spent from the weekend’s events and from the drive. But it’s good to be home now, and to water the garden and walk Fritz the Dog (his favorite thing!), and get such love from Unnamed Partner.  I’ll be back in Shepherdstown again soon, I know. Probably sooner than I’d like. The home projects were ignored this weekend — just no time.   But it’s all a balance, and you find the good where you can. Like, in the sterile, windowless environs of the radiology department, where someone thought to put a cloud insert into the ceiling light:


Or, when I was walking down to the main drag of Shepherdstown this morning to get a cup of coffee and I saw this plaque:


I mean seriously. Mary Tyler Moore. You’re gonna make it after all.

You never know what’s around the next corner.



  1. 93, wow, that’s really something! I’m glad she’s doing better. I think you’re right that it does seem to make a difference if a person’s family has a presence in the hospital – how great for her that you can go now and then to check in.

  2. Fed who has parted with her goats for long enough that she again thinks of them fondly. says:

    Lovely post, Sue! And entertaining comments!

  3. your aunt is lucky that you are near enough to visit. headed off to PA later this week to celebrate my moms 95th birthday. luckily, she is in good health and full of it!

    glad to hear you got the broccoli before the cute little bunny!

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