The mysterious “Mr B”

Well I’m off the clock now so I can blog again. Whew!

No Poetry Break, again? you say?  Well, I didn’t hear the Writer’s Almanac this morning on my commute to work, because my commute to work today lasted only the 3 minutes it took me to walk down the stairs to the living room.

That’s right: Today I teleworked. My spellchecker tells me that’s not a real word, “telework,” but I know better.

So how on earth did this miracle of all miracles happen, you might ask. The answer lies in … the power of blogging.

You see, my colleague — I’ll call him “Mr B” — is an occasional reader here at the House of Jello, and he was quite moved by a post I wrote called “The Oily Truth.” In that post, I wrote of my frustration with the bureaucracy of where we work, which stands in the way of living a “green” life. In particular, I wrote of the need to change our mindset about things like commuting and working, and be open to alternative ways of getting things done.

Mr B is a man of action. He’s also a man who adores the people and music of New Orleans, so this current oil disaster has hit him harder than some of us who have no connection with the Region. So Mr B — who has the ear of our boss on many a decision — went to said boss, and asked him to consider giving this a try over the summer. On the days where I am teaching online courses, let me teach them from home, rather than drive 40 miles only to close my office door and get on the phone all day — only to get back in my car and drive 40 miles back home again.

So today was Test Day One, and by all accounts, it was a success. The internet and the phone line held up, and the attendees were engaged and interested in the topic (Web Design Best Practices).  Meanwhile, the  work crew outside stayed up the street all day rather than jackhammer in front of my house, and Fritz only barked once.

Good times.

The agreement is only that I do this every couple of weeks, but baby steps are baby steps. At least its movement in the right direction. With the temperatures here hovering around 100 degrees all week, I think everyone is acutely aware of the need for energy conservation and reduction of pollution. So maybe its time for some changing mindsets. And maybe this blogging gig has some value, after all.



  1. YIPPEE!
    I send my thanks to Mr B.
    I hope the baby steps accumulate!
    To paraphrase Morgan, perhaps we should give heat days as well as snow days.
    I cringe at the thought of what this heat wave is doing to the power system, the cost to cool, the transportation costs (economic and environmental) and on and on.
    I will try to send vibes to your boss that your telecommute is an AID to your productivity as well as being good in MANY ways.

    Now, go enjoy extra some time with UP and 4 leggeds!

  2. Excellent news! Maybe if you pretend not to enjoy working from home the powers that be will let you do it more often. Keeping my fingers crossed that the telecommuting continues past the summer.

  3. Thank you all for your support. I believe that Mr B has seen your thanks, too, although he won’t tell us because he is a lurker extraordinaire. Interesting that it makes so much sense to all of us “worker bees” yet management still needs to be convinced.

  4. i saw a report that said if everyone would reduce their driving by just 30 miles a week, it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 25%. just think what your 80 miles savings has done!!

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