Vagaries of teh Internets

It is teh strange.

visit graph

I don’t look at the stats behind the blog much, because I’ve come to a happy place with it (at least for the time being) where I’m satisfied to write what I want when I want and whoever wants to visit, read, comment, or not — it’s all fine with me.  But every once in a while I check under the hood here to make sure no nice JelloHead has gotten caught in the spam filter, and I see the page that charts visits to my blog.

So, most days if  we break 100 hits, it’s a good day. Hence the nice steady little line across the bottom of the chart. But every once in a while there will be an anomaly such as what happened on July 9. For some reason, 3,790 folks clicked here. What were they looking for?!

key word searches

That’s a lot of people searching for my pretend girlfriend!  So what posts did they read?

popular posts

That’s right — the most popular posts had nothing to do with Rachel Maddow!

I had a similar blip a few weeks ago, also when I hadn’t posted anything for a while. So you can spend time researching key words, and SEO strategies — or you can just write, and then shake your head and wonder at the marvels of teh Internet machine ….



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