Oh Readers! (my apologies to Willa Cather)

I know I’ve been absent for a while, and I do apologize. I mean, you go to the effort to make your way over here when there’s lots of exciting stuff on the Internet — Lindsey Lohan, wikileaks, Jane Austen Fightclub — and I reward you with … nothing new.

This is the hazard of reading the blog of someone who is both busy and, well, for lack of a better word, “responsible.” I don’t mean that I have an important job, or that I am the sole caregiver of anyone — I know people who do that, and they are really responsible. I mean that I put a lot of responsibility on my own shoulders, and then promptly make myself feel bad when I fail at something. I look over at my laptop and think “I really need to post something!” but then I look at the sink full of dirty dishes, the laundry to be done, the phone calls to be returned (really, I’m not avoiding you! )

And this is without children. I mean, our hardest thing to cope with on a daily basis is a cat that needs thyroid medicine twice a day. That’s easy street, I know.

Well, I thought I’d just post a couple of pictures of what’s been going on around here the past week or so …

Washer adventures

So, I learned how to repair a washing machine. There was a switch that needed to be replaced, which was actually very simple. The dis-assembly of the machine, however, was pretty scary stuff, and the re-assembly was almost a relationship breaker.


Meanwhile, we are tending our garden and the eggplant is coming along nicely. Here it is, dappled with mud splats.

During all this time, we are experiencing a hot and humid summer like few I’ve known in my lifetime. And I grew up in Virginia. We see the remnants of cicada skins on our evening walks, and here them singing away all evening.

Cicada skin

Add to this mix, some family drama, our attempts to schedule a weekend away for fishing and hiking, my aunt suddenly being sprung from the nursing facility — but to where? — and the usual worries about money, health, war, and pollution, and well — sitting down to write my blog seems a tad self-indulgent, most of the time.

But you — who still drop by — deserve something. I will have more soon. I think I deserve it, too.



  1. Fed who has parted with her goats for long enough that she again thinks of them fondly. says:

    Fishing…. Let’s go!!!!!

  2. we are a patient lot! and god knows we don’t want to come and fix the washer for you! just give us a tidbit every now and again! above all, enjoy your summer.

  3. Fed whpwhgfletsatotf (that was harder to do than I thought) – my favorite fishing buddy! (Next to your grandmother, that is!)

    Donald, I hear there’s a broken dryer somewhere on the coast of Maine that might have your name on it. 🙂

    Cait, you could do it. Believe me — I’m no mechanical genius. But you can find the answer to almost everything on the internet. (I say “almost” because I have several metaphysical questions that are still unanswered despite numerous google sessions …)

    This guy is my hero:

    How to check the washer when not spinning

  4. I thought this post was pretty dang entertaining! Listen, if any of these cats around here needed medicine twice a day, they’d only get it when one of the other cats learned how to dispense it. I’d say you’re on top of things.

  5. Yep, google is a bit behind on the metaphysical 🙂 But everything else, yes. It has saved me from many a cooking disaster! (and perhaps a washing machine one in the future).

  6. Well, hm. As someone who has never been here before – all I can say is that’s a lot going on … And I totally get the sprung from the nursing facility thing. They just do that now – don’t let the door hit ya on the way out and it’s been way cool knowing you.



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