Just add water!

Generally I believe in quality over quantity, but in blogging  maybe not so much. Don’t get me wrong — I love to write those long and thoughtful posts — but who has the time? And the longer I take to write a “really good” post, the more pressure I put on myself to make it brilliant.

Brilliance is overrated. Hence:

This morning I drove to work in a thunderstorm. I mean, a zero visibility-thunderbooming-lightening crashing-no right  lane int he road because it’s a river of water –   type of thunderstorm. I made it safely into the parking garage, and for some insane reason I decided that I should soldier on through the downpour to my office. Five minute walk on average.

Umbrella in hand and laptop safely tucked away in my bag, I decided for extra safety to throw the dog blanket around my shoulders and over the bag. A few shakes in the garage, and the blanket was practically hair-free. Good to go.

Cue the little voice saying “What the hell are you doing? Just wait it out for a few minutes in this dry and comfortable spot!”  Except, that little voice never spoke up, so I went on my way.

Long story short, I’m sitting in my office now, dry from the knees up.  Knees downward consists of cold damp jeans. The dog blanket worked wonderfully, absorbing all that extra rain that was driving sideways at me as I walked along the road, crossing in crosswalks full of six inches of water. Most of my co-workers have dogs, so I’m hoping they won’t mind the damp dog smell that is surely emanating from my office from said blanket — and will be for the duration of the day.

I feel kind of like Indiana Jones today.



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