Going to the dogs

Last night I dreamed we had 4 german shepherds. (Of course one of them was Fritz, and he’s only part GSD, but still!)

In this dream, I was asked several times (understandably, I think), “You have 4 german shepherds?!” and I always responded, “Yes, but two of them are fosters!”

Well, this dream means nothing — we are not getting another dog, not even if they are fosters. Not right now, with one hyperthyroidal 19 yr-old cat  and another feline who hid in the basement and howled for a month when Fritz first arrived. (And then, as only a cat can do, one day she simply sauntered into the living room and reclaimed her space. Now she either ignores Fritz or gives a hearty hisssss! when he walks by.)

But I did find it interesting that when I was catching up some blogospheric reading this morning, I saw that my new bloggy friend Cait at farmhouse stories has taken in a yellow wonder.

And what about you? Are you channeling your new canine situation my way?


  1. Not me – no channeling of new dogs from my direction! I always wonder how people can manage to have two, three or even four dogs at once. I would love to rescue another dog but I think Diva would feel competitive. Plus where would we all sleep? As it is the three of us barely fit in our queen size bed; Diva takes up the entire center of it! And how do you walk them all at once? I can barely control one!

  2. Yes, I am channeling Bella to you! She has read three books, ate through the laptop electrical cord, shredded the foam from her bed around the house and is the size of Lupa at 5 months old. She also talks so lovingly to me when I arrive home, snuggles in bed with me and has one of the sweetest faces that grins with a matching swinging tail. Her whole body is projecting ‘my favorite thing’ constantly. Lupa and her are so entertaining together. And the cat thing is working better as she matures, at least now they can lay next to each other. If I had the room and financial means I definitely would foster.

  3. Thanks for mentioning the yellow wonder, Sue! Perhaps I have been channeling my new canine situation your way. But 4 does seem a bit much, even if – as you say – 2 are fosters! 🙂 A month of cat howling in the basement must have been so painful to listen to! This is a beautiful image of Fritz, you’ve captured a great expression!

  4. Hmm… not sure if this tops the 4 German Shepherds (since Fritz is a king anyway) but, my good friend Mimi dreamed I had a poodle and an iguana that got into a viscous fight – I think it was a comment on my love life but I can’t figure out what it really means. Any ideas? 🙂

  5. Kitten. I am most certainly getting a new kitten this fall. between my sister’s dog and beanie, there is enough dog energy in the house. but poor darcy is all alone… kitten… it’s the only answer.

    1. Hmmm. Are you sure Darcy is up for that? We’ve fostered kittens a couple of times and the older cats weren’t thrilled about it. Kittens have an awful lot of energy, too. But each cat is different, that’s for sure.

  6. Morgan, thanks for the reminder of everything Fritz destroyed when I first brought him home. He went through several dog beds, as well. Big mounds of fiberfill all over the living room.

    Cait, the cat successfully made me feel horrible with her howling — she has an exceptionally mournful howl. I was just at the point of thinking “what have I done” when she just reappeared, looking at me like, “What?”

    Fed w/out goats, I really do need to give you a call to catch up on things. Poodle? Iguana? Just what exactly did you do in Provincetown, anyway?

    Fran, I loved those pictures you posted! She looks like such a sweetheart! If you took her in, your house would be “full of Grace”!

    Donald, Fritz probably wants to come to Maine, too, and shoved his way into your channeling! Ha!

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