The season for meadowhawks (via farmhouse stories)

I’m trying out a new feature at WordPress to re-blog a post from one of my favorite new blogs — farmhouse stories. Writer and photographer Cait doesn’t really need me to promote her blog — she’s getting quite a following on her own, thanks to the amazing images she posts of life around her farmhouse in Canada.

If you like nature, if you like photography, if you like poetry — check out farmhouse stories.

The season for meadowhawks The dragonflies at the cottage were predominantly (very friendly) meadowhawks that seemed more than happy to have their pictures taken. They landed on my hand or camera at times. I’m pretty new to dragonfly identification, but thanks to Sandy at Gardenpath (who has many great posts about dragonflies, among others), I had a starting point in figuring out what they might be. With the exception of the bottom three pictures, I think these are White-f … Read More

via farmhouse stories



  1. Thank you, Sue, this is really great of you! One of the best parts of creating the blog has been meeting amazing people like you 🙂

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