Wednesday Poetry Break

Sorry to have been MIA for a few days. I went out of town for a work conference, and between the conference and the travel this is the first chance I’ve had to post anything. I went looking for a poem today at The Writers Almanac and came up poem after poem each more horribly depressing than the last.  But perseverance pays, and so I present to you the following little gem.

The Nose on Your Face

In all your life, you will never see your actual face.
If you close one eye, you can gaze
at the side of your nose, but that’s it.
Is that why when looking at group photographs,
it’s yourself you stare at the longest?
Sometimes you’re mistaken for someone else,
And you want to meet her, see for yourself yourself,
but even if you met a gang of doppelgangers,
you will continue searching in hubcaps, sauce pans,
toasters, the backs of spoons, the bases of lamps,
in sunglasses, in another person’s eyes,
and if that person is standing in just the right light,
there you are, trying to get closer.

— Susan Browne


One comment

  1. Thanks for this, it offers a very interesting perspective that I’d never considered before! And the Writer’s Almanac looks like a great site, too. Hope the conference was a good one.

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