Why not voting is like wearing your sweats in public

I know. Voting is hard. You have to walk miles over rugged terrain to get to the polling place, wait for hours in the hot sun under the watchful eye of armed gunman under fear of death and — oh WAIT! That’s not true in this country is, it? No, voting in the United States is probably incredibly easy for most of us to do.  Even when it’s not easy, for most of us it is do-able. It’s a matter of finding a ride to the polling place, or wheeling our chair up a ramp, or using our walkers and canes to get from the parking lot into the building (as my parents do).

Look, I understand the pull of apathy. I really do. It seems lately that the politicians we voted for last time haven’t changed things very much. The economy is still down the toilet, crime is still rampant, homes are still being foreclosed on, the schools still don’t have enough money (hmmmm. still? even with all the slots money they were supposed to be getting?)

But if you don’t vote, you are basically giving up. You are wearing the faded and well-worn metaphorical sweatpants that proclaim to the world “I just don’t care any more.”

Do you really want to be that person? The one who’s given up?

Of course you don’t. So quit pretending that you might stop by the gym while you’re out doing errands — and stop pretending that you’re making some kind of statement by staying at home today.  Put on some real pants on and go vote.



  1. [You are wearing the faded and well-worn metaphorical sweatpants that proclaim to the world “I just don’t care any more.”]

    I wore my sweatpants when I voted. 🙂

  2. Not voting can have long-term consequences: Reagan and Bush were presidents during the ’80s and ’90s but we still have Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. And till death or resignation do they depart.

  3. i have never missed an election since i reached the age to be able to vote. being an independent, i have skipped some primaries though.

  4. I voted. If nothing else, for the next two years I’ll be able to say, “Don’t blame me. I voted for the sane candidates.”

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