Friday Music Video: Forget You

Although I didn’t watch the very first episode of Glee, I have been a big fan from pretty early on. Some have said it’s acquired taste, but I think if you watch just about any episode and don’t find yourself snickering or outright laughing, then you’re probably never going to “get it.” The humor is odd, often just this side of tasteless, and yes, it’s ridiculous to think that any of this happens in a high school. As the show has gotten more popular, it’s also gotten more criticism — for being “unrealistic.”Duh!Does the fact that the school auditorium fades away at the start of each song, replaced by a full Broadway-worthy set not tell you that this entire show is over the top and full of fantasy? What I love about this show so much is that in between the fun and totally fantastical side of the show — steel drums that appear in the courtyard, the fact that Mr Shuester never seems to teach his “real” class (Spanish), Sue Sylvester drives a 1979 LeCar! — the writers tackle real issues such as follwing the saga of Kurt the only out gay student in the school. And it’s important that he is always referenced that way: the only “out” gay student. No on is pretending he’s the only one.And finally, I have to give props to my favorite character: Brittany S. Pierce (aka Heather Morris), who is a comedic genius in the second banana, “what did she just say?” tradition.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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