New look, new effort

Sometimes you need a new outfit in order to get motivated, you know? And sometimes you really need to change your look in order for it to make a difference. Hence the new design here at the House of Jello. (The falling snowflakes are courtesy of WordPress, and are just temporary.)

Unnamed Partner and I are busy getting the house in order for her family’s visit on December 26. And in the general state of things, we’ve got a lot to do. We’re finishing up some painting and finally putting back some floor casing, as well as the million and one old house projects that are never simple. Replace a light switch? Too bad the hole that was cut into the plaster is bigger than the faceplate. And too bad the wood that’s holding the plaster is splintered so the electrical box is holding on by 2 screws!

We’re thoroughly enjoying a programmable thermostat that we installed this fall. It really makes a huge difference in my outlook on the day when I arise at 5:15 to warm radiators throughout the house.  Bit by bit, the house comes together. Hopefully, life will follow.



  1. nice new look! hope the projects all get done with some time left for you both to enjoy the holidays!

  2. Cool! Sharp looking graphics.Totally understand the motivation thing…change is good. Good luck with the holidays. I took my turn early and hosted Thanksgiving.

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