Post-holiday recovery mode

Ah!  First day of vacation (as in, first day I don’t have to do anything to get ready for a holiday, like shop, clean, cook, clean again, etc. etc.), and I really should be sleeping late but I don’t seem to be able to do that anymore. Even though I had a hard time falling asleep last night. Which you might suggest is the result of the wine I had with dinner (or dinner itself: ham, pork loin with sauerkraut, potato salad, green beans with bacon, cheesy spinach lasagna, and a winter vegetable dish of squash,sweet potato, parsnip and pecans — which held up quite well against its diabolically unhealthy companion dishes).  Or you might say it was the strong coffee I had with the pumpkin pie, or perhaps the several helpings of fudge — homemade by mother-in-law.  But I do believe it was mostly due to the copious amounts of socializing I did over the past 48 hours, because as I lay in bed — exhausted and trying to fall asleep — my head kept replaying conversations and scenes from the previous days. A full day and a half with my family and right into a full day with Unnamed Partner’s is kind of a lot, it turns out.

But it’s quite nice to sit this morning and listen to the wind blow outside, knowing I don’t have anywhere to go until much later in the day. The house in unbelievably clean, the dog is on the couch snoring away, and there’s pie for breakfast! Not only is the house clean, but we got some nagging projects done, too, which was a little stressful but is gratifying nonetheless. Neither bathroom had the threshold replaced after we redid the floors, so we finally did that (hardly seems to warrant a photo, but just trust me — nothing in the house is as easy as it ought to be ….). The much bigger project was the dining room. When we moved into the house the dining room had very poorly done chair rail and crown molding, with the walls above the chair rail painted white and below a dark green that made me think of fake pine trees. We quickly removed the rail and molding and painted the walls sand color above where the rail would go, and a deeper green below. We just never got around to replacing the chair rail. For several years we have dined in that room with walls that had what one friend called “an angry edge.”  She also pointed out that if we just made a straight edge of the bottom paint (which we hadn’t done because it was going to be covered by chair rail right?), it would look more finished.

So a week and a half before Christmas, Unnamed Partner took on that project, opting, of course, to go with different paint for the bottom, which required repainting all the bottom half of the walls. But the result is wonderful  — here it is behind our Christmas tree:

And here’s the other side of the room:

What’s that you say? Looks like someone started to strip the windows and never finished? All I can say is … it’s on the list ….



  1. well, first off cheesy spinach lasgana is very tasty.
    Unnamed partner did a wonderful job. Stripped windows! One would say it adds to the charm of the house and its occupants.
    Enjoy the sounds of the wind blowing………now I am tired and need coffee.

  2. ahhh, that never ending list of things to do around and to the house!! my experience is i take one thing from the list and add at least two others! everything is looking great, and i agree, the partially stripped window trim adds charm!

    glad you had a good holiday. snowing heavily here in maine today, everything is plastered in white. will have to dig out the cross country skis and go get my mail!

  3. Looks great. You were more industrious than we’ve been so far. Yesterday we did nothing constructive whatsoever. Today we just did some shoveling and I did put away the rolls of wrapping paper that were still cluttering up the floor of the bedroom. For me that was an accomplishment!

    Fran, I’m with you, changing curtains does not happen in my house. By the time I get around to changing them I throw them out and buy new ones, LOL!!!

  4. Sounds like a just right holiday, Sue, despite your sleeplessness. I can’t sleep late anymore either; maybe that’s a later stage… I love the two-tone paint. Chair rail seems completely unnecessary. Thanks for your blogging.

  5. Thanks all! I admit that for a moment I considered working on the window this week, but thankfully have pushed that thought aside. There are still many little things to do around the house that can be done around the fun stuff, whereas the windows … well, that’s a whole ‘nother story! Tonight dinner with friends, tomorrow a visit with my 93-yr old aunt in West Virginia, and on and on. The piles of laundry to be put away and the bills to be sorted through — it can all be finished this week and that will be as good a feeling as any finished windows.

    But for now, I think I’ll go have another cup of coffee and see if there’s any pie left.

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