Wednesday Poetry Break: It’s the thought that counts, right?

Please indulge me in some poorly rhymed original poetry today. You see, I wrote a little birthday ditty for my dear friend “Fed who used to have way too many goats” for a Saturday celebration honoring a certain milestone birthday that we don’t need to specify here (since I’ll be hitting the same mark later this Spring).  And since today is my friend’s actual birthday, it seems only fitting that she be the focus of our Wednesday Poetry Break.  I call it:

An Ode

We met when we were young and hearty
Tho, for an Ultimate player, she seemed kinda “arty,”
It’s true our teams lost most of our games
But we always won the tournament party.

These days the thought of playing Ultimate
Makes my knees feel sore
But in my mind (my Landshark friend)
We’re both still twenty-four!

Happy Birthday, my friend!



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