Helping hands, in all incarnations

earl the cat
We helped Earl by taking him off the cold streets of Baltimore. Now Earl helps us by eating all the mice at Mom and Dad’s house. And there’s nothing like a cold Corona to wash down a mouse.

In the past few days I’ve had a couple of reminders of how help can come in so many different forms. Some is requested, some come out of the blue. Some are large efforts, others a small gesture. All have their place; all have their purpose.

Yesterday was unbelievably hot here, and as I sat at a light on Rte 1 on my drive home, the vehicle at the front of the line stalled. It was an ancient blue conversion van, driven by whom I do not know, but the look of it it didn’t convey a message of mechanical aptitude behind the wheel. Right behind the van, and directly in front of me, was a pickup truck that screamed testosterone. No, it didn’t have rubber balls hanging off the trailer hitch. It had a large sticker that stated “Official weather tracking vehicle,” another that read “Red Cross support staff” and a third that had the Marine emblem and something about supporting veterans.  Just the kind of vehicle that makes this gal  think “somebody’s compensating for something …” Yet … out pops pickup-truck-guy from the driver’s side (baseball cap and mirrored sunglasses, natch), who speaks to the van driver for about 3 seconds, and then proceeds to push the van out of the roadway to the side of the road! I don’t know what ever happened to the van guy, but I do know that he didn’t have to endure the verbal assaults of sweaty angry commuters, thanks to a guy who lived up to his own hype. Jumping to action, pushing a van by himself in 98 degree heat and humidity — this guy’s the real deal.

Sometimes help is requested, such as help we’re getting from the home health aide who started at my parents’ house today. She’s still there as I speak, so I haven’t gotten the full scoop yet on how the day went, but I did speak to my brother a couple of hours ago, and he was positively giddy: “She did all the dishes!”  “She had Mom up and walking around when I got back from the store!” “She just finished vacuuming the living room!”

Tom sounded happier than I have heard him in a very long time. It was the happiness of a great pressure being released. Relief, in its purest form. All because someones’ going to be coming to the house to help.

What types of help have you witnessed lately?


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