If you care … and I know you do

I haven’t actually given up the blog, I just need a break. I will be back, and when I am I sure hope I find better spam comments than “I saw many websites but nailingjello.wordpress.com is best ever.”

That’s just lame, people.

See you in a few …

(image from http://www.upgradetravelbetter.com/)



    1. I agree, I’ve been there too and am trying to start up again. BTW, Fran, I read your post from mid-June about people’s differing opinions and how nothing is simple – didn’t comment b/c it was a month ago and wasn’t sure you’d see it, but it was an interesting and thought-provoking post. I agree, nothing is simple, and that is the problem with black-and-white solutions to gray complex problems. (Something the right tends to want to do more than the left!)

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