Well THIS is embarrassing

Has it really been more than two months since I’ve posted anything here?  Um, I’m sorry? There’s been kind of a lot going on around here, most of it good, some a little sad, some of it stressful, but in short, I have been very, very busy. Also, I was without a laptop for a little while, and that was more limiting on my writing than I like to admit.

Reader’s Digest version:  new job (for both me and Unnamed Partner), new (used) car, that’s the good. The sad included losing Isaac, our 19-year old cat who lived a good long life and brought much joy to our lives. The stressful includes the question of whether my new job was a good idea after all, but time will tell, and I’m embracing the “Quilt Theory” of life right now:  this is merely one patch in the big quilt of life.

Besides which, when I read the news each day I cannot help but think that any troubles  I have are a pittance compared to others here and around the world. When I started writing this blog several years ago, I still felt the youthful energy of outrage at the wrongs of the world, as well as the feeling that things would get better. The whole Hillary thing really took the air out of those sails. Taylor Marsh has written a book called The Hillary Effect, of which I have read excerpts, and I’m looking foward to digging into it completely.  Seeing Hillary Clinton taken down in the public circus that was the 2008 primary season was difficult and demoralizing for many of us.  I hope this book will explain that to many of my friends and acquaintances who still like to tease “get over it already!”

I’ve been a political junky my entire life.  Next year we will be electing the President, and this is the first time  I can recall being so disinterested in the process. When I was in the sixth grade we held a mock election, and I rabidly campaigned for George McGovern. My mom took me down to the local campaign headquarters, where they gladly handed me posters, buttons, and bumper stickers. It’s taken 40 years, but that optimistic little girl who thought the American democratic system worked for the average person, and that the average person could indeed effect change, well, she’s MIA.

I am trying, really trying to get behind Barack Obama’s re-election, if nothing else because the cast of characters over on the Republican side would be comical if they weren’t downright scary. The idea of any of them (save, perhaps, Huntsman, who of course has no shot at the nomination) running this country should be enough to get me out in the streets drumming up votes for Obama.  But the little girl in me still wants to work “for” something, not “against” someone. Or in this case, against a team of bumbling, lightweight, neocon, hypocrites.

So, yes. Apparently I am back to my rambling posts here, but I hope you’ll give me another chance. Together, we’ll see what the future brings. I have a feeling we should put our seat belts on. It is indeed going to be a bumpy ride.



  1. How very ironic…. Last night I was browsing through my “Favorites” on the laptop and noticed several of my top blogs were AWOL for quite a time period, your’s being one. Although, I already knew that since you are also one of my Favs on my PC at work. I decided I was going to put out a little email reminder that there are interested parties out in cyberspace awaiting. You, my dear, have deleted yourself from that email. Nice to see you again!
    I’m with you on the politics senario. My MIA status is so bad that I have friends who were running for City Council here in Indy and I couldn’t even gather the energy to walk neighborhoods or hold a phone. Despite my lethargic interest, thank goodness they won anyway.
    Congratulations on the blessings that have come you and UP’s way. (You’ll enjoy that Lezbaru this winter) Again, so sorry about Isaac, he was quite the handsome boy.
    Thank you for your rambling post, it was a very pleasant start to my Sunday. Hope to see you again soon; well, at least prior to two months.
    BTW, I still haven’t taken the “H” sticker off the truck. I’m so proud it is there.

  2. It’s great to see you back, Sue! I’m so sorry to hear about Isaac and do hope the job ends up feeling like a good thing. Both of you getting a new job at the same time sure is a lot of change at once. I like your Quilt Theory and look forward to your future ramblings on politics and life.

  3. Great to see you back. I hear you on the politics — like you, I really hate the idea of voting against rather than voting for, but that’s what 2012 is shaping up to be.

  4. great to see you back again. funny how life’s little twists and turns take us to new and interesting places. sorry to hear about isaac, you were blessed to have him for so long.

    hard to get excited about politics right now, you have a party of idiots and a party with no backbone!

  5. I have never been as disappointed in any politician as I have been in Obama, and that is NOT because I expected him to right the insanity of the Bush years overnight. But the bunch on the other side is downright terrifying.
    Just laughing at them would be a grave mistake. As Chris Hedges reminded us, Adolh Hitler was a total laughing stock in 1930.

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