So, we meet again.

Dear Readers, I am trying so desperately to find the inspiration to write posts, but I come up dry every day. Lord knows I should have enough material to write a book, much less a blog post, because I ride a city bus to and from work every day. Characters? I got ’em.

But this blog and I have reached an odd place in our relationship. On the one hand I feel its constant nagging at me to get to work, write something for god’s sake.  On the other, I miss it when it’s not around.

In order to try to get some of the magic back, I’m doing the blogging equivalent of lighting candles and ordering items from Good Vibrations:  I’m doing a 30-day photography challenge.  I want you to know, though, that I will probably be using my cell phone for most of these images, so don’t expect high art. But here’s the list of what I will be attempting, via a woman who inspires me in oh so many ways, Lisa Golden:


And of course Day One starts with a self portrait.  Did I mention that I stayed home today because I couldn’t sleep last night and this morning felt like crap? No? Well does that sound like a day to take a self portrait?. Briefly tempted to change today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, but you know the slippery slope that begins. Suddenly it’s Day 14 and I have no idea which challenges I done and which I have not because I’ve decided to change the rules so often.

So, Tuesday evening on a gray rainy day at home, here I am in all my web cam glory:


And so it begins.  

b.t.w., yeah, I tried it without the reading glasses, but all you could see was me squinting into the lens.



  1. Hi! *waves* Good to see you!! I like the idea of the 30 day photo challenge and I love Lisa Golden… I’ll be looking forward to what comes next. And I love the self-portrait! Feel better!

    1. HI Fran! Fond memories of meeting you and Lisa a few years ago in DC — along with a cast of questionable characters (Looking at you, Dr Z. Tengrain, and BAC!).

    1. Thanks! The snow bubbles were kind of a surprise this year — I had used them last year and I guess they carried over on December 1. Gotta love WordPress. 🙂

  2. I love the 30 day photo challenge! It might be what I need to get myself out and photographing every day… although I will have to change the rules, too… who needs to see a self-portrait of me?

    I love your blog!

  3. i am totally on board with loving this challenge! will look forward to seeing them, so remember, no skipping any days! LOL

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