Day Eight: Bad Habit

So many thoughts come to mind on this one, but how does one photograph “conflict avoidance” ? Or, “procrastination” ?  Oh, I’m sure the Microsoft Office clips have some photo of a woman in business attire holding her head, or a man in a tie walking a tightrope, etc. etc.  But I went instead for the tangible vices, and was able to get a two-fer in this shot:  carbs and dairy. Otherwise known as “grab your breakfast and dash out the door to catch the bus.”

What’s your bad habit?



  1. Procrastination is certainly the big one, but the more tangible one is that I leave my clothes on the floor of the bedroom too often. I could write volumes about the “problem,” but it’s really very simple. There is a place for everything and everything in its place.

  2. oh dear, you consider a bagel slathered with butter a bad habit? i consider that a little piece of heaven!

    i have a bad habit of pissing and moaning when my favorite bloggers don’t post anything for days, weeks or sometimes months!! 😉

  3. Donald, the bad habit is not so much the bagel and butter themselves, but the excess of dairy and carbohydrates they represent. Aren’t I supposed to be eating yogurt some days? Or cereal with fresh fruit? I could eat nothing but good bread and butter for dinner and be very happy. And I’m quite content to eat pasta with olive oil and cheese — yes, some basil, too, but I don’t think that makes up for the lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet. And sadly, the fruit and grain goodness involved in wine and beer are somewhat dissipated by the time they reach me …

  4. Bad Habit Numero Uno: smoking. According to everyone and everything. Although, my excuse is moderation in everything and I respect those who don’t.

    I guess bad habits are those things in our lives which we make excuses for though. Like my procrastination (I work best under pressure), workaholic [oneday the company will reward me for my dedication (might have to revise this one)], laundry on the floor (soon as I stop procrastinating and build that shute to the basement this will not be an issue).

    BTW, yes, utilizing the pre-football time on a Sunday to catch up.

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