Day 22: Hands

Yeah, so, we’re just going to pretend that I didn’t disappear for weeks on end right in the middle of the 30 Day Photo Challenge.  It’s Day 22: how exciting!  Thanks for coming back!

Technically I guess this is a picture of “hand,” singular.  Hey, what do you want from me after being gone for so long, perfection?

This sign makes me think about how we hold on to our “old” points of reference in life.  Metered parking in my city is now like most large cities in this country — phasing out actual currency and moving us toward using our credit and debit cards to pay for it. These machine do still take quarters, but just about everyone I know uses a card anymore when parking in the city.  Yet that age-old lament, “I need to run out and feed the meter,” sticks with us even when the act of feeding coins into a parking meter is no longer involved.  (I guess you could argue that you’re “feeding” your credit card, too, but that just doesn’t feel right to me — it’s not the same as watching the meter gulp down coin after coin after coin as you watch the time jump in 15 minute increments.)

But then again, I still say “You have to dial 9 to get an outside line” despite the fact that I have not “dialed” a phone in years.  How about you? What phrase do you hold on to?



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