Day 28: Flower






  1. y’know, i haven’t seen a trillium in the woods since the last time I was in Madeline Island years ago, but they were all white. miraculous flowers!

      1. bingo! I am in the VERY EARLY stages of switching to Word Press since Blogger wiped out all my fun things (the crossword and the moon phase gizmo)…..nuts to them. Anyway, what a nice surprise to find your reply to my trillium comment waiting here. Onward!

  2. Beautiful! In Vermont we had a special place behind our house where there were lots of trilliums in the spring. I have not seen any in PA. Where did you find yours?

    1. Hi Margaret! These were on a wooded trail at an arboretum near our house, so I don’t know if they were coming up on their own of if they were planted.

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