Sometimes the picture just takes itself

I was trimming some tree branches in the back alley yesterday, when Fritz the Dog suddenly got very interested in something behind a rickety wooden shed wall just across the alley. I peeked through the slats and here’s what I saw:


My neighbor and I have given them some water and food, but for the moment they are safer behind the walls than if we try to get them out. They have a very attentive mama, and are in a shady and protected place. Meanwhile, anyone interested in a totally poseur kitten? Cue “Arms of an Angel.” Take it away Sara McLaughlin!



  1. Oh my. Oh dear. I have to close this window before I’m too tempted to hop in the rattletrap car and drive to Maryland with the cat carrier in the backseat and Sophie riding shotgun.

    1. Oh — I am so sorry to make you look at these little faces again Lisa! But I really can’t get over the fact that I pointed the camera at them and they did this pose. I had one person at work who was interested in taking one, but in talking with her it’s clear to me it wouldn’t work out. The last thing I want to do is place these guys in a home only to have them given up.

      And is it really true that orange cats are always boys?

      1. I don’t know about orange boys, but our guy who just died was – well, a guy.

        I’d scoop them all up in a second. I hope you find a good home or good homes for them. Those are such precious faces.

  2. The orange tabby is gender specific… There are exceptions, but more often than not the female is sterile..

  3. Hey Sue, how did it go finding homes for the kittens? They really couldn’t have taken a cuter pose for you (we have an orange female, but of all the barn kittens we’ve rescued over the years, she is the only orange female).

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