The only thing I’m feeling is #heartburn


photo credit: Washington Post

So on the plus side, I’ve been having wonderful Facebook discussions with my nephew (who shall henceforth be known as Unnamed Nephew, or U.N.).  He’s a smart guy, who, like many his age, support Bernie Sanders’ message of bringing about a political revolution in this country. I get it. U.N. has grown up in a country of income inequality and of sky rocketing healthcare costs. In our Facebook back-and-forths, he makes well-reasoned arguments and backs them up with facts, keeps me honest by expecting the same from me. It’s a refreshing conversation in this current climate of name-calling and hyperbole.

But, I still think he’s supporting the wrong candidate. And I do sometimes feel like an awfully old fart for saying it. But the reasons I choose Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders is because she is stronger on these issues that I care most about:

  • gun control
  • women’s health
  • foreign policy
  • economic policy

In fact, though, Clinton and Sanders have voted the same way about 93% of the time. So they are not so different as you might imagine.

And you know what? Yes. Yes I DO want a woman in the White House, and don’t you DARE make me feel bad for saying that. You dudes have ruled the roost since Day One, and you have no idea what that feels like. To imply that this is the ONLY reason I would vote for Hillary Clinton is of course insulting and I wont imagine you will say that. But someone will. Because I wouldn’t differentiate between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, between Elizabeth Warren and Carly Fiorina. As if.

Look, I used to like Bernie. But as the campaign progresses, I see the politician in him come out more and more. Because let’s face it, he is a politician. He’s in been in Washington for 25 years, and he’s been heavily involved in state politics since the early 1970’s when he came in off the commune.  He has been a politician longer than Hillary, yet he’s selling this image of being an “outsider” just like Donald Trump is doing. Sanders is using the political “establishment” infrastructure just like every other candidate on the Democratic and Republican side. He’s using Democratic consultants and powerful Democratic campaign staff.  Why not run as an Independent? Because he needs the infratsructure of the establishment in order to get elected.

Lastly, Sanders started this campaign saying he wouldn’t make personal attacks on Clinton, that it will all be about substance. But eventually he says thing like “well, maybe the inevitable Democratic candidate realizes she is no long inevitable.”

He said it again just the other day.

I’m sorry. WHAT?  Only a tone deaf man would think that anyone who lived through what Hillary Clinton lived through in the 2008 election would in any shape or form believe their nomination was inevitable.  When I heard him say that, I took it as a personal insult, because I, too, felt the wrath of 2008 as a Clinton supporter – insults and misogyny. Nasty, nasty stuff. Primarily from Obama supporters.  No one who went through that thought this was going to be a coronation and I just cannot believe Bernie Sanders would stoop to this now.

The revolution will not be televised. It will not be at the Iowa Caucuses, the  presidential debates, or the Democratic National Convention. It WILL be at the City Council, the Mayor’s office, and the Governor’s mansion. You want a revolution? Start at the local level and make some real change. You want Americans to get scared on Election Day and vote in a Republican?  Support the guy with Socialist tags all over him instead of the woman who has worked to bring us the massively improved health care system we have today.