Day 19: Something orange

Orange. The color that rhymes with nothing. The Halloween pumpkin still sits on the front step, and it’s still orange. It’s even still whole, for some reason. I guess the local squirrels were turned off by this year’s choice of “bumpy pumpkin skin.”  We thought it appropriately gruesome for Halloween, though.

Instead I’m giving you a shot of our little electric fireplace with it’s realistic looking flames. It’s a cold winter sky outside, Fritz is curled up in his bed, and we’re getting ready to pop some popcorn and put a movie on. If I close my eyes, I can almost hear the fire popping and cracking.

A few more days of winter break left, and I’m being completely lazy about them. Some years I make grand plans to do major projects around the house; I rarely complete them. And then when the week is over I’m both tired and frustrated. This year break kind of snuck up on me because I’ve been so busy at work, and then I got sick on my last couple of days at the office. So what has happened this year is that I wake up each day and plan the day ahead. I have to say, it has worked out pretty well. Dinner and a movie with a good friend I don’t see nearly enough during the year (with bonus visit to meet her sons’ fishes before dinner). Lunch with mom-in-law today. Fritz did get a bath the other day. I probably should vacuum tomorrow. And there is a small paint job I could easily finish in a morning. But that’s about it for my winter break projects this year. I think I need to spend more time in front of a fireplace. Even if it is electric.

Part of the 30 Day Photography Challenge.