photography challenge

Day 30: Self Portrait

So, last year (yes, last year) I started this 30 Day Photography Challenge. Nobody ever said they had to be 30 consecutive days, and so it has taken me a while to complete the challenge with this final post.  Yes, I am in there somewhere if you look really hard:


Now, here’s the other thing. I have found it very difficult to focus my writing here at the blog, and after much reflection I realize that the interconnected, networked, facebooked, twittered world in which we live is kinda giving me the heebie jeebies. I really want to focus my writing, and I once read advice that a writer should treat the endeavor like they would dieting: either tell everyone about it, or tell no one.  I lean toward the telling no one, myself, and this instant publishing to the world of my blog posts that are not necessarily my best and brightest work is pretty intimidating.  I know many writers who thrive on it. It seems to have the opposite effect on me.

So here’s the deal. If you’ve read this far, you are likely to have been a follower of Nailing Jello to the Wall for a while, and are likely to make the slightest of effort to click here again. I mean, you’re still reading, right? After today I will be taking my link to Facebook off of here, so that new posts will not show up in my Facebook feed. Yes, I’m getting off the Zuckerberg train, as far as this blog goes. That means if you got here via Facebook, you won’t be doing that in the future. You can, however, still get an email notification of new posts here, by clicking over there on the left where it says “Email Subscription.”

I hope you’ll follow along in this less brave new world I’m working on here. Your thoughtful comments are always welcome.


Day 29: Black & White

I used to take lots of black and white photos, back in the day of 35 mm film. It was interesting to go out on a sunny day today and do this with my new camera — I haven’t really thought too deeply about f stops and shutter speeds since I went digital point and shoot, I must admit. Getting a digital SLR gives you a lot more control, which of course means you need to know a little more. After all the photography classes I’ve taken, all the hours spent in the darkroom, I do know this stuff — it’s just a little cob webby. But because I had so much fun with this one, I thought I’d give you a few shots. Especially since you’ve been so patient as I get my blog off life-support. I’m just fiddling with these, but thanks for taking the time to look. (Click for a larger look — the current blog layout isn’t really optimal for photography.)



Day 26: Close Up

Ah, February, you little tease. Upper fifties one day, snow storm the next. Well that’s the prediction, anyway; we’ll see what tonight brings in the way of frozen precipitation.  We have on our porch a little pot with a hardy pansy plant that has hung on since last fall. It looked so forlorn weeks ago, and in the past week it has popped its head up with the longer days and warmer weather. I suspect brighter days are ahead.

Exhibit A:


Day 25: Something Pink

It turns out that I don’t have a lot of pink in my life. I never have. I was almost ready to give up on the pink, and then today as I was walking near my office I saw some utility markings on the sidewalk. Blue is water, I’m pretty sure yellow is gas, and pink? What the heck is pink for?

I had a crummy couple of days at work this week, and looking for pink was actually a really nice distraction. So, thanks for that. And thanks for the weekend, just around the corner ….

Part of the 30 Day Photo Challenge.

Day 23: Sun flare

Good lord. Is it really only Day 23?  Well, we went for a late afternoon walk yesterday to celebrate Unnamed Partner’s birthday. This particular park is one of Fritz’s favorite places, as you can tell by the look on his face. Sun + open fields + dog = goodness.

Day 22: Hands

Yeah, so, we’re just going to pretend that I didn’t disappear for weeks on end right in the middle of the 30 Day Photo Challenge.  It’s Day 22: how exciting!  Thanks for coming back!

Technically I guess this is a picture of “hand,” singular.  Hey, what do you want from me after being gone for so long, perfection?

This sign makes me think about how we hold on to our “old” points of reference in life.  Metered parking in my city is now like most large cities in this country — phasing out actual currency and moving us toward using our credit and debit cards to pay for it. These machine do still take quarters, but just about everyone I know uses a card anymore when parking in the city.  Yet that age-old lament, “I need to run out and feed the meter,” sticks with us even when the act of feeding coins into a parking meter is no longer involved.  (I guess you could argue that you’re “feeding” your credit card, too, but that just doesn’t feel right to me — it’s not the same as watching the meter gulp down coin after coin after coin as you watch the time jump in 15 minute increments.)

But then again, I still say “You have to dial 9 to get an outside line” despite the fact that I have not “dialed” a phone in years.  How about you? What phrase do you hold on to?

Day 21: Faceless self portrait

This is me at work. I have recently come to realize that it’s not that I don’t like my job, I simply don’t like going to work every day. That could be a problem. With all the bills I have to pay I will probably still be going to work when I’m using a walker …Oh well. Meanwhile, I’ll fill my mug with fresh coffee and dream of traveling. I have recently been invited to be a member of the National Geographic Society. They don’t just invite anybody, you know.