You like me. You really, really like me. Eh, not so much.

Spammers have  embraced the art of the suck-up.  Whereas a few years ago, spam in the comments here mostly consisted of links to Nike shoe sales and the occasional XXX link, today’s version is much more sophisticated. Another blogger has termed these “affirmation spam,” and that just about says it all.  In a twisted version of your grandmother’s advice to “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” spam comments now begin with the most enthusiastic opening lines. “Gosh!” I think.  “Why don’t my regular commenters ever gush like this:”

“Wow! Fantastic blog layout!”

“This piece of writing is truly remarkable.”

“Excellent content provided!”

“The overall look of your site is wonderful, as well as the content!”

Heh. Too bad these lines are followed by such phrases as “I urgently need info about retina-a dosage.” And “related with viagra price and all related info.” The commenters’ log-ins use revealing monikers: “cheap vacation packages,” “retina dosage,” “viagra price,” etc.

Crap. Spammed again.