Life is simpler in Vermont

Thanks to a tip from a co-worker who hails from “my new favorite place on earth” (note the ironic abuse of quotation marks), Rutland, Vermont, I was alerted to this important event from last week:

Crowd mobs Taco Bell opening

Rain fell through the Wednesday afternoon lunch hour, but that didn’t stop hundreds of local chalupa-starved residents from lining up for the grand opening of the new Taco Bell on Route 7 in Rutland Town.

The wait time for cars at the tail end of the drive-thru line was estimated at around 50 minutes at lunch time.

“We knew it was going to be big,” Matt Prouty, Taco Bell operations leader, said. “We expected this and we’re excited to be here.”

Customers anxious to get taco fixes were waiting outside the Taco Bell doors as early as 7 a.m. Wednesday— three hours before the doors were set to open.

“Taco fixes” at 7 a.m.? Makes me shudder. Read more from the Rutland Herald here.

(photo from Rutland Herald)



  1. Same thing in rural NE Iowa (where I’m living and grew up): few franchises. Thank goodness. I was on a bus trip Sunday–there was no fast food place for the gang to stop for lunch. They couldn’t believe it. One man on board familiar with the area said, “Welcome to the 1950’s.” But I was not apologizing.

  2. Think of all that gas that was wasted as they sat in line for 50 minutes to get a freakin’ taco. Idiots.

  3. Mary Ellen, I know. I thought that, too as I posted the Exxon story above. Maybe they turned off the engine while they waited?

    No, probably not.

  4. Charming in a really terrifying way.

    Someone should’ve been handing out “vote Obama” stickers.


  5. Janet, trust me. If my cousin hadn’t been out of town, he would have been there handing our stickers all right!!

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